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Who We Are

About 3D Gens

3D Gens UK believe that the future of manufacturing is in additive manufacturing, or more popularly known as 3D printing.


The market for 3D printing is estimated to be at USD 20.37 billion (GBP 17.09 billion) in 2023 and forecasted to reach USD 88.28 billion (GBP 74.05 billion) by 2030 (Grand View Research, 2022). New and improved materials and printing methods continue to be explored and developed to keep up with the demand of the ever-changing manufacturing market. 3D Gens UK drives to be at the forefront of this in order to pioneer in catering to mass productions of a wide range of industries, especially in healthcare. 


We at 3D Gens UK are focused and passionate in providing computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and 3D printed solutions for these industries. Our vision is to be at the forefront in digital manufacturing, anchored by solid foundation in CAD/CAM and additive manufacturing technology and our team is dedicated in pushing and exploring the possibilities of 3D printing.


Meet the team.

Our Team


Dr Izhar Aziz

Founder 3D Gens


Zaim Zailan 

Chief Executive Officer

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-03 at 16.08.17.jpg

Hersi Mohamud Hersi


 PhD in 3D printing

University of Waikato

The Founding Father of the whole establishment. Dr Izhar has dedicated more than 20 years of his professional life researching and experimenting in materials and methods in 3D printing. He believes that 3D printing will assist manufacturing in driving cost and time down in order to achieve sustainability in the current world market.

MSc Business and Supply-chain, MBA

University of Hertfordshire

Zaim is an expert in creating strategic solutions for our 3D-printed manufacturing products. Over the years, his experienced in supply-chain and manufacturing has proved to be an asset for us to grow in line with our vision. Zaim believes that 3D additive manufacturing will help more niche market to prosper and grow-  every product is being customised to the demands of the market.

BSc Computer Science

University of Goldsmith

Hersi is the engineer of the team. Over the years, he mastered CAD/CAM technology and incorporated it with 3D manufacturing process. This include scanning, 3D printing, reverse- engineering and perfecting the finishing of the 3D printed products. Hersi have worked for various data and IT  firms over the last years. He believes that creating a simpler holistic process of 3D printing will assist  manufacturer in creating a more sustainable business model.


Our vision at 3D Gens is to create additive manufacturing culture towards mass production of different products in different markets. Assisting firms in cutting production cost and time as well as developing a higher quality output from traditional manufacturing.

Our Mission

Revolutionized conventional manufacturing for better quality services.

Our mission is to be a technology-oriented engineering company adopting 3D Printing technology that revolutionised conventional manufacturing for better quality services. To be a certified and accredited e-Manufacturing company for Engineering & Biomedical Devices by adopting 3D Printing technology.

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