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Digital Dentistry

We offer a wide variety of implant suprastructures.
Partner with our qualified dental technicians and design your suprastructure up to the smallest detail or directly manufacture your design.
This recent and revolutionary technique of 3D printing offers a great design freedom, a high retention level, and high quality products.

Our Dental Services

Fixed Dental Restoration

Fixed dental restoration is restoring or replacing damaged teeth with new fixed teeth. This technique guarantees the completeness and elegant appearance of the teeth without sacrificing major functions.


1 / All Ceramic

All Ceramic restorations allow practitioners to better reproduce natural tooth colour, avoiding shortcomings of metal restorations.

2 / Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain fused to metal restorations are dependable, durable, affordable as they use a variety of metals combined with the aesthetics of ceramic to fabricate dental crowns and bridges. Their positive attributes are the main reason they have been around for so long and are recommended by many dentists for restoring damaged, decayed, and missing teeth.

3 / Full Metal Cast

Cast restorations are models made of your tooth, or teeth. Your dentist uses these models to make metal replacements for your teeth, which are then permanently placed inside your mouth. A full-cast metal restoration is extremely unlikely to break or fail and can be good for patients who have badly damaged posterior teeth.

4 / Implant

Artificial tooth is permanently screwed or cemented onto an individual implant abutment.  Most of the time, each crown is attached to its own dental implant.


Medical Implants

We are able to provide 3D data visualization and simulation information for surgical planning prior to operation. We also specialise in 3D anatomical models to aid in cases that require a multidisciplinary approach.

Our Products

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