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What services can 3D Gens provide?

Printed Medical Devices/Models

We produce 3D models that complement traditional imaging and help surgeons, doctors and patients. The models can be used for surgical planning thus reducing surgical risks.

Online 3D Printing

Easily order your medical needs such as devices, implants, fixtures and many others via our website or directly contact us. Urgent orders for operations are also available.

Design Services

Medical imaging data is converted to a 3D model using specific medical software for 3D visualisation and simulation. The implant is designed based on the patientʼs CT scan data for better aesthetic and fitting purposes.

Modern Architecture

Design/ scan Original

First part of reverse engineering. Scanned, drawings, CAD/CAM will be retrieved to understand the compound of the product.

Reverse Engineering

Design analysis

Material, composition of the product will be determined. The breakdown of the product will be determined. customisation towards the product can be made at this process.

Testing and Optimisation

The designed product will be printed as a prototype and will be tested in order to comply to standards.

Redesign and Manufacturing

Final product will be redesign and printed. 3D Gens have the capabilities and the facilities to facilitate mass manufacturing demands.

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