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What can 3D Gens provide?


Rapid Prototyping

Build and test fully-functional or visual prototypes that match your final design with a wide range of materials and technologies. 

Online 3D Printing

With an extensive range of 3D printing technologies, materials, finishes and the support of an experienced in-house team, your project is in professional hands.

Design Services

Starting from 2D sketches or just an idea in your head, we can model the development including surface, patterns, tiles and etc. 3D printing and digital workflow commissioning is cheaper than ever with lead times that start from just a few days.

3D Scanning

We are the pioneer in providing comprehensive 3D scanning services, inspection and reverse engineering services throughout Malaysia & Indonesia.

The scanned area model can be measured and converted to a solid model using specific surfacing software so that reverse engineering job can be accomplished

Our 3D Printers

Let your ideas come to life
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